Barry Hawkins Wins Australia Goldfields Open
The Australia Goldfields Open has finished up and snooker pro Barry Hawkins has won the event. The snooker pro defeated Peter Ebdon in the final 5-3, earning four consecutive 50+ breaks to earn the first place win.

Ebdon had a hard time besting the snooker pro in the finals. Ebdon managed to earn a few frames but nothing he could do could get past Hawkins in the finals. Hawkins was able to build large breaks and continue potting to take the four frames in a row to help cinch the title. Hawkins had a run of 46 to get ahead in the opening frame and he found his form to run the table and gain the confidence he needed.

Then breaks of 57 and 74 put him in a position for the end of the match. He then earned a break of 106 to put himself far above the other snooker pro. Ebdon would not come back into the match until the sixth frame with a 63 but a miss of the final yellow during the seventh frame would give Hawkins the final lead.

Hawkins was excited over the win and little emotional. The snooker pro commented: "I can't believe it, to be honest. It feels strange. I felt surprisingly calm up until the final brown, now I'm over the moon. This doesn't happen very often for me but hopefully I can keep it going. I put myself under a bit too much pressure at the end of the first session but I came out after the break with that 133, which I couldn't believe really."

Ebdon commented on the event as well. He was surprised he even made it the final and commented: "Barry thoroughly deserved to win. He played excellent snooker, his all-round play was very good and he potted a lot of balls. He has been a winner waiting to happen; unfortunately it was against me today. I have won some events in the past and hope to win more but congratulations to Barry in winning his first ranking event, he deserved it. “

- 2012-07-17

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