Jimmy White Pays Final Tribute to Snooker Legend
Alex “hurricane” Higgins passed away just recently at the age of sixty one after suffering from throat cancer for many years. Hundreds of people came to Higgins funeral to pay their last respects including many in the snooker industry.

One of those supporters of Higgins was Jimmy White. White was one of the pall bearers during the funeral services and he helped carry Higgins coffin. Higgins funeral took place at St Anne’s Cathedral in Belfast just yesterday.

White commented in a statement that was released by the press on Higgins which read: “I loved him. It angers me that he never listened to anyone, close friends or family but that was Alex- he was an individual, his own man. He was the ‘Hurricane’. I will miss him to the end.”

White went on to comment that when he was 12 he knew he wanted to play snooker for the rest of his days. When he turned 13 he saw Higgins in Pot Black and he was amazed. White stated he used to copy Higgins flare shots and he used to impersonate him.

- 2010-08-03

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