Neil Robertson wants Goldfields Open Win
The Goldfields Open is set to begin very soon and snooker pros are hoping to be the next big winner, especially Neil Robertson. Robertson has won major snooker events in the past including the Masters earlier this year. However, he wants to claim the Goldfields Open title as his own. Robertson commented recently in the press that he wants not only the title but also the large $435,000 cash prize.

Robertson stated: “My sights are really on this tournament, I’d dearly love to win it. I see the impact that success can have on a country, when a Ding Junhui from China won a big event in China and the game really blossomed. If I can win this tournament then hopefully it can pick the game up a lot more and younger players can start playing the game and hopefully dream of becoming a professional
world champion—like it did.”

Robertson will begin the tournament by taking on Nigel Bond. Robertson is currently ranked fifth in the world and he just returned from Melbourne where he was practicing for the tournament.
Robertson stated: “I skipped an event in Thailand so I could come back a bit earlier to see family and friends and probably just give myself a little bit better preparation than maybe some of the other players. I’ve put everything into this tournament for the start of the year. I feel great and hopefully I can progress a little further than I did last year.”

It will be interesting to see how Robertson does in the tournament. The pro is ready to take on the best of the best to earn the first place finish. We will keep up with the tournament and post results as they happen.

- 2012-07-10

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