New Plymouth woman wins national women’s snooker title
In New Zealand the national women’s snooker event took place late last week with players from the area taking part. The women’s title went to Agnes Kimura, a player from New Plymouth. After taking down the title on Thursday, Kimura hung around and took part in another snooker tournament over the weekend.

According to Lee Hildred, Kimura’s snooker partner, the title she won is the most prestigious in New Zealand among women players. Hildred stated that Kimura has several titles but had never won this one so she is really excited, now being able to represent New Zealand during the women’s world tournament.

For now, it seems Kimura will have to try hard to make it to the big event. According to her partner, the event is closer than they thought. They were thinking the event was next year but it is not so they will have to work hard to get Kimura to the tournament, making sure everything lines up for her to perform.

According to Hildred, the duo practices at the New Plymouth Club instead of at home. Reportedly the club has great facilities and gear that makes it easy for them to upgrade their skills. Practice is always needed, especially before a big tournament.

Both Hildred and Kimura make snooker a family affair. They both have played for a long time and introduced the game to their son, Mario, at an early age. Mario is now 15 and has played professionally, even representing New Zealand during a European event last year.

Hopefully, Kimura will be able to attend the big event and be able to represent New Zealand as she has dreamed. It’s always exciting to see a female progress in the sport and see women in general honored for their efforts and skill in the game.

- 2016-07-11

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