New Snooker Academy Coming to Gloucester
A new snooker academy is set to open later this month in Gloucester. The new snooker academy will kick off with a charity tournament. the new snooker academy will be able to hold four hundred people and Paul Mount is the person who set up and funded the new facility.

The charity tournament will begin on June 17th and will feature 128 players with 30 pros taking part. The tournament is called the Pink Ribbon. Mount commented that all proceeds from the tournament will go to a breast cancer charity.

Mount commented on the new facility by stating: ďThere is nowhere like this, and itís about time we had somewhere designed for snooker. Itís not a club where people pay to play. Itís for professional and amateur players to train and be coached.Ē

Once the snooker academy is opened they will be holding a qualifier in July for the World Open. Also the snooker academy will be hosting some part of the qualifying school as part of the pro tour next year.

- 2010-06-10

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