Nigel Bond new Snooker Shoot-Out Champion
Forty five year old Nigel Bond is the newest Snooker Shoot-Out Champion after earning his first televised tournament win in over a decade. The snooker player was excited to be a winner after all these years and was very happy with his performance at the Circus Arena in Blackpool this past weekend.

Bond commented: “It’s amazing to be a champion again after all these years. With the shot clock you’ve got no time to think, you go for the first ball you see and knock it in the hole. It stops you thinking what can go wrong.”

Bond was able to win six single frame matches in a row that were ten minutes each to take down the top prize of £32,000. Bond defeated Robert Milkins 58 to 34 in the finals to win the three day event. The top sixty four players in the world competed in the event and Bond was able to outlast them all.

On Friday Bond knocked Joe Jogia and on Saturday it was Stephen Lee who fell to the snooker pro. On Sunday Bond took down Rory McLeod, Mark King, Marcus Campbell and finally Milkins to earn the win.

Bond went on to say: “It’s been a fantastic weekend. There’s been great crowd’s in. all the players enjoyed. It’s been a fantastic event. I came to see how far I can go. Anybody can win it, as you’ve seen.”

After a fourteen year stint not winning a televised event, it was certainly past time for Bond to claim a win. Bond definitely deserved the win after his great performance at the top snooker event.

- 2011-02-01

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