PBSA looking to hire new coach
The PBSA, otherwise known as the Pakistan Billiards and Snooker Association is looking to hire a new snooker coach for their snooker team. The PBSA must gain approval from the Pakistan Sports Board before they can hire a foreign coach.

The PBSA wants to hire a new foreign coach for the snooker team so they can begin to prepare for the upcoming Asian Games. These games will begin in November and will take place in China and the competition will be very fierce.

Alamgir A Shaikh the president of the PBSA commented that with only two months remaining until the event, they are very concerned about getting a new coach hired. They would like to see a coach hired and begin working with the team in advance of the competition.

Shaikh commented: “Keeping in view the recent performance of Mohammad Sajjad in the Asian Snooker Championship and the Korat Cup 2010, the PBSA is confident that Pakistan has got a very good chance of winning a gold medal in Guangzhou Asian Games. On the coaching situation he stated: “We are running short of time and we hope to receive a positive response from the concerned quarters soon.”

- 2010-08-19

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