Professional Snooker Match Under Investigation
John Sutton is now under investigation by the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association after irregular betting patterns were found in a recent betting match. The snooker pro from Ireland will now have to undergo serious scrutiny while the governing body of snooker tries to determine if any wrong-doing took place.

A statement was released last week stating that Sutton is under investigation for matches taking place during the International Championship. Unusual betting patterns were found in the matches between Sutton and Jamie Burnett, during the qualifying rounds of the competition. The match took place and saw Burnett win 6-0.

The Integrity Unit of the WPBSA took measures during the match to monitor what took place to try and determine if anything was going on. The circumstances of the match are being determined based on player and the Sports Betting Intelligence Unit are analyzing the data to try and figure out what, if any action should be taken.

With the win, Burnett will now move forward to the next round of game play which will take place in Chengdu. All avenues of investigation are being used to try and determine the outcome in a fair manner. The snooker industry is no stranger to match fixing and seems to be plagued with issues as of late. The last pro to face charges was Stephen Lee and things did not turn out so well for the seasoned pro.

Lee ended up earning a ban from the game of snooker for 12 years and had to pay a large fine for the results of his case. Lee was found guilty of fixing seven different matches in 2008 and 2009 and just now was punished for his actions just a few months ago. It will be interesting to see what is determined in the Sutton case and if charges are filed against the pro.

- 2014-10-01

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