Ronnie O’Sullivan to face Peter Ebdon in World Championship
The Betfred World Championship continues and now Ronnie O’Sullivan and Peter Ebdon are set to face off. Ebdon is considered a major threat in the competition since he won the China Open earlier this month and no one wanted to face him and now O’Sullivan has the job.

The crowd favorite is O’Sullivan and he was unimpressed with the drawing. The two have faced off before but it has been years. Steve Davis, a fellow pro, reacted to the drawing of the two by stating: “there’s only one match, it’s Ebdon against O’Sullivan. Even though they might have to put a brave face on it, I don’t think they want to play each other.”

Barry Hearn also weighed in on the subject stating: “Ebdon v O’Sullivan hits you like a slap in the face because of the contrast in styles. It’s going to be a fascinating contest.” This weekend, John Higgins will start out the competition against Liang Wenbo this Saturday. Luca Brecel will face Stephen Maguire and others will get ready to compete as well.

The competition will feature the best of the best and it is anyone’s game. Many times, in these competitions, we see the big names out early, especially as of late. It will be interesting to see if the top players will be able to remain in the competition or if the unexpected player takes the Championship win!

- 2012-04-19

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