Ronnie OíSullivan urging Snooker to support Barry Hearnís Plans
Ronnie OíSullivan is in full support of Barry Hearnís plans to give the sport of snooker a radical makeover. The snooker pro would like to see his fellow players support the changes as well. OíSullivan announced he is in full support of Hearnís plans.

After the Crucible tournament, snooker players will be able to vote on whether they will accept Hearnís reform proposals which include plans to extend the professional tour with more tournaments taking place. Critics of the changes have stated that it favors top players but OíSullivan says everyone should get behind Hearn as it is a new and fresh idea for the sport.

Hearn stated that players at the Crucible will be able to come out to their own music which is a break from tradition. OíSullivan is behind this change as well as the others, he stated: "It has to be voted through. There's a lot of playing opportunities there. In my opinion it has to happen. Whether it does or not we'll have to see but I'm sure the players will see sense. If they don't I'm sure Barry won't be hanging around and we're back to square one and it's all over."

Hearn stated if his plans fall through he will be quitting his position as the chairman of the WPBSA. "Players will do what they're going to do and they'll get what they get. If they share the vision they'll get the benefits. If they don't share that's OK."

- 2010-04-13

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