Schoolboy Ready to Take On Snooker Challenge
Jake Brady is a twelve year old who enjoys playing the game of snooker. The schoolboy is skilled at the game and would like to break a record in the game. He plans on staging a 12 hour match in order to raise money for charity. He first began raising money for charity at the age of ten by uniting fans of football teams and hosting a walk from each stadium. He now plans on using snooker to raise funds.

Jake received a humanitarian award for his efforts with the football teams and now plans on raising money for children cancer patients with snooker. Jake plays for the Killamarsh Dynamos, a local team and will use his second popular pastime to hopefully raise a good deal of money for charity. The 12 hour snooker marathon will take place at Steelers Sports Bar on August 1st to raise money for Parents Association of Children With Tumors and Leukemia.

Alison Brady is Jake’s mom and she could not be prouder of her son’s efforts. He has been training very seriously and even put a six foot snooker table in the home to continue to train as much as he can. Mom said the idea started when he visited The Crucible for the snooker championships this year and he competed in street snooker activities.

During the visit, Jake had earned a medal that read ‘get inspired’ and Jake said that he was definitely inspired and began to plan his event. At first, Jake wanted to conduct the game for 24 hours but his parents felt that would be too long since a 12 hour time frame would already result in sore legs and arms.

Jake will be asking visitors to pay a small fee to compete against him at the bar which will then be donated to the cancer organization.

- 2015-07-30

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