SDBSA creates woman’s snooker tournament
The Southern Division Billiards and Snooker Association in Suva has decided that the sport of snooker needs further developing. Because of this, the association has created a female snooker tournament for young women under the age of twenty.

Suman Lal the vice president of the SDBSA created the event after seeing young people in a coaching clinic. The group’s enthusiasm made Lal see that there was a need for a tournament option for young women. Lal commented:

“The idea came to me during last Saturday’s coaching clinic when I noticed some competitiveness within the young participants. I thought to myself that this will be good for development of snooker as it will give younger players, no matter of what level, to become competitive and get match experience early in their age.”

Lal went on to say that some of the greatest pros in the business started playing snooker early on such as Stephen Hendry, John Higgins and Ronnie O’Sullivan. Therefore the kids from Fiji should also have the opportunity to learn the sport at a young age and hone their craft.

Lal believes the tournament option will be a great way for female players to be able to learn the sport and compete against others. Lal stated: “The ladies will fit in well with this group as they may not fee shy amongst these boys, also the standard will be fitting for them. I will be happy if even three ladies take part and you never know those three ladies might even encourage more ladies to join for the next tournament.

- 2011-11-17

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