Snooker Championship back in action tomorrow
On Wednesday the semifinals of the NJI 36th National Snooker Championship 2011 will resume in Karachi Gymkhana. The end of the event was postponed for a few days and starting tomorrow the event will be back in action.

The championship started in the Snooker Hall and the semi finals and finals will take place in the Banquet Hall of the Gymkhana. In the quarter finals both Naveen Perwani and Sohail Shahzad were knocked out and Imran Shahzad the top seeded player was able to remain in the competition despite a scare earlier in the tournament.

In the semi finals Imran will be facing Mohammad Sajjad the defending champion of the event. At the same time Sultan Mohammad and Mohammad Shahid will be competing as well. The players will be competing in a best of 11 frame tournament and the winners of each match will move on to the finals of the tournament.

All four players in the semi finals were able to outlast some of the best players in the business to make it to the end of the competition. After the NIJ 36th National Snooker Championship is completed the winner of the event will move on to the Asian Snooker Championship to represent the country in the big event. The PBSA will be selecting one person for the event. During the competition Mohammad Sajjad is an automatic qualifier during this time.

So starting tomorrow snooker fans will be able to see their favorite snooker players competing for the top prize. It will be interesting to see who will take home the top prize and represent the country in the Asian Snooker Championship.

- 2011-02-08

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