Snooker prize cue taken from competition winner
Snooker professionals take part in special tournaments and events on a regular basis. Players and fans enjoy watching their favorite players compete and in many cases, items will be donated as prizes. Many players covet such prizes so that they have a piece of their favorite player to take home. Ronnie O’Sullivan took part in an exhibition match with Stuart Craig and Craig ended up taking home the cue used. The prize was worth more than money to him and after leaving the venue, the cue was actually stolen.

During the Snooker Legends show, Craig was given a case which had the special cue inside. Craig played against Sullivan in a doubles match and then had several pros sign the cue. O’Sullivan, John Virgo, Ray Reardon and Jimmy White all signed the cue. Michaela Tabb was the referee in the match and he signed the cue as well.

As he was walking through the city the very next day, the cue was stolen from him. The cue was won the night before on the 23rd of August. He then decided to walk to his mother’s house to show her the prize cue. A stranger then approached Craig and snatched the cue after speaking for a very short time.

The man then demanded cash for the cue to be returned and Craig gave him the money. A detective in the case stated that they are appealing to any witnesses who could shed light on the case. The cue is a signature piece as it has been signed by the snooker pros. The unique piece should be easy to identify and hopefully Craig will eventually get his prize back. Police are going to be on the lookout for any place that may see the cue show up. This could be snooker halls or pawn shops in the area.

- 2015-08-23

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