Snooker Pro Challenges Chelsea Star
Sports fans always find another sport of interest and have their favorite teams and players. From football to baseball and more, you will find top players always have their favorites. Many times, we get to see the pros take on sports stars in other genres for friendly matchups in each otherís sport. Neil Robertson is a top snooker pro who is looking to take on yet another top footballer.

In the past, Robertson took on Chelsea captain John Terry and now is planning on taking on Filipe Luis. On Twitter, Luis was asked if he was good at any other sports and he responded stating that he used to play tennis and then he also played snooker. Robertson was all over this admission by Luis and decided to challenge the footballer.

Robertson wrote to Luis stating that he will give Luis a game of snooker. The sports star retweeted the message and it seems as though the two may hit the felt. Last year, as Robertson began to prepare for the UK Championships, he took on a match against Terry. He will now possibly have the opportunity to take on Luis in an interesting matchup.

During his time with Terry, Robertson stated that he was able to meet the players before training and take on the player in a snooker matchup. He stated that Terry was better than he expected and after competing, was able to watch the team train and then even kick the ball around with Juan Mata.

If the match takes place, it will be nice to see if Luis is able to defeat Robertson with a little flare of his own. The pro no doubt has the advantage but the footballer may be able to give the snooker player a run for his money and win the match!

- 2014-09-25

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