Snooker Pro Fined for Twitter Remarks
Back in April, top snooker pro Mark Williams decided to take to his Twitter account and speak badly about the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. Williams commented that he hates the venue and called it a few choice names that are not very nice. The WPBSA has now responded and Williams has been fined for his actions.

The WPBSA is the governing body of the game of snooker and they decided to fine Williams £4,000. The committee decided that Williams comments on Twitter broke two rules of the sport. The committee stated that Williams actions were ‘unacceptable and potentially highly damaging to snooker’s long relationship with Sheffield and the Crucible Theatre.”

Williams tweeted that he wanted the event to move to China and Barry Hearn, the chairman of World Snooker, fired back, saying the venue will host the event until the day he dies. After making the comments, Williams tweeted again, stating that he knew he was in trouble for bashing the Crucible.

It looked as though Williams tried to make a little good on his remarks by stating: “It’s only my don’t send me any letters or fines. World Snooker been on the phone. Not sure if it’s because I nearly swore, or said i hate playing at the Crucible, or want the World Championships to go to China.”

The Crucible is under contract to host the World Championship event until after the 2014 event. So it will be interesting to see if a new contract is made after the current one runs out. The Crucible has hosted the event since 1977 and it is a long standing tradition in the sport of snooker.

It will also be interesting to see if Williams will be able to refrain from making any more remarks or if he will let them fly freely as he has done in the past.

- 2012-06-01

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