U.S Open Announces Seeding
U.S. Open tournament directors have announced that they have decided it is time to increase the number of seeded players in the event to sixty four. The group will be using the combined list of WPA, BCA and ABP to figure out the sixty four seeded players. The group stated that are away that many players will be duplicated on most of the lists and they will determine the ranking when the list comes out by starting with the top seed and finishing with the 64th player.

The tournament operators commented that since the U.S. Open has quickly become an international event they would like to give the international players an opportunity to earn the right to be chosen as one of the seeded players. The tournament has decided to follow the same format at the World Tennis Association and choose their seeds as they do.

The directors stated that they believe having sixty four seeds is the right thing to do because it pays homage to the top sixty four seeded players who attend the U.S. Open 9 Ball Championships in 2012. Players need to be recognized as they have earned the right through their accomplishments throughout the year.

The goal of the group is to seed sixty four of the best players in the world every year because they believe the players will appreciate their values in the seeding process. The group has reported that they believe seeding 25% of the field is the right way to go with the U.S. Open 9 Ball Championships. In the past, the group has seeded 32 of the 256 players and now they will be changing the premise.

- 2012-07-17

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