World Snooker Championship will be sponsoring the annual World Snooker Championship and for snooker players or snooker fans this is one of the most awaited events of the year where the entrants will battle down to the last Snooker player.

In statements from they have said they are overjoyed to be a part of the World Snooker Championship, and they went on to express the delight in representing several well-known Snooker champions such as Graeme Dott, Ronnie O’Sullivan, John Higgins, and Ding Junhui for this up coming season. Each of these Snooker pros will be using all their skill to be the last person at the Snooker table and win the event this year.

While this is a very popular event one that Snooker players wait for each year, the game itself is a type of billiards game using twenty-two balls, one white, fifteen red and six that are multi colors and as in other billiards games the object is to use the cue ball to pocket the others and each color carries a different point value.

This is what these Snooker pros will be playing at the World Snooker Championship till the last player is left making him or her this year’s annual World Snooker Champion.

- 2007-11-20

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