World Snooker Faces Yet Another Match Fixing Scandal
The sport of snooker is no stranger to scandal, especially when it comes to World Snooker. The group recently confirmed that snooker pro has been investigated for unusual betting patterns taking place during one of his matches.

Snooker player Joe Jogia was found to be playing in World Snooker matches and a strange betting pattern occurred during those matches. The match in particular, that was investigated, was the Snooker Shootout where Jogia took on Matthew Selt. There were many small bets placed on Selt to win during the match and Jogia has now been suspended until a hearing takes place this July.

The WPBAS released a statement on the matter which read: “As a result of the reported unusual betting patterns on the match between Matthew Selt and Joe Jogia that was due to take place at the Sky Snooker Shootout at Blackpool on Saturday 28th January 2012, Nigel Mawer, the chairman of the WPBSA disciplinary committee launched an investigation. The available evidence has been considered and in accordance with the disciplinary rules, he has decided that there is a case for Joe Jogia to answer in relation to breach of the WPBSA members rules, betting rules.”

The case will now move to a formal hearing in front of the WPBSA disciplinary committee which will take place in Bristol. The hearing is scheduled for July 25th. This is not the first time that a snooker player with World Snooker has been investigated. High profile player John Higgins was subject to a six month ban just two years ago after it was found that he discussed match fixing but did not report the approach.

World Snooker is doing their best to avoid match fixing within their organization but it still takes place. Players need to make a quick buck and they seem to be willing to compromise the sport to make money.

- 2012-06-05

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