WPBSA Responds to O’Sullivan’s Wildcard Comments
Ronnie O’Sullivan, a top snooker pro, took to a social networking site to state that he would like to play in the 2012 Shanghai Masters. O’Sullivan commented that he has yet to sign his new tour contract as he thinks it is too restrictive, so he plans on competing in the event as a wildcard. However, the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association have other ideas.

The WPBSA has responded to O’Sullivan’s comments by responding. O’Sullivan had mentioned that he believes the World snooker should operate similar to tennis or golf with wild cards given in the event. The WPBSA disagrees and commented:

“Much like those in Gold and tennis, the contract lays out to the players what is expected of them as professional sportsmen. 98 of the 99 professional tour players have signed the contract. Wild Cards are only available to amateur players from the host country or region, and they are selected in conjunction with World Snooker, the WPBSA, the National Governing Body and the Promoter of the event.”

Just a short time ago, O’Sullivan stated that he only wanted to participate in a few events because he wants a break before his new season campaign begins. O’Sullivan stated that he feels as though a period of time should be given to each player to be able to spend time with their family and friends.

The association commented on O’Sullivan’s statement by saying that players are allowed to participate in any event but they must sign the new season tour contract to become officially a part of the tour. The WPBSA has stated clearly that a player must sign the new tour contract to be eligible to play in the pro tournaments. The rules will not be changed for one player.

- 2012-07-03

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