Young Snooker Pro to Compete Against Legend
Every so often, a young individual is able to become a top competitor in any given sport. From baseball to billiards and snooker, the sports can see young people coming up and competing at a very high level. With the game of snooker, players are learning the game after learning how to walk, which means players are entering in to competition at an even younger age. Just recently, we learned that a new snooker Phenom is set to play against top snooker pro Jimmy White.

The young player is Lewis Sinclair, a thirteen year old of Croesyceiliog School. The young player has been able to show he has what it takes to take on top pros and will do so next month against snooker legend Jimmy White. White is very well-known in the snooker community and is even nicknamed the Whirlwind or the Peopleís Champion. White has claimed several titles including World Amateur Championship and UK wins.

Sinclair will now take on White on October 7th at 7pm at the Redz Snooker Club in Cwmbran. The young man trains at this club and will use all his skills to try and earn a win against the pro. The young player is very excited to be taking on a legendary competitor. Sinclair commented on the upcoming match up by stating:

ďIím really excited. It should be fun. Iím going to practice lots. Most people I play are in their forties. I have seen him on YouTube, he is a great player. I play about five times a week. I would like to become a pro when Iím older. Thatís my dream.Ē
So we will have to wait just under a month to see if the young snooker player has what it takes to defeat top player Jimmy White. Hopefully the young player can give the pro a run for his money and begin a long and illustrious career.

- 2014-09-11

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